Getting Back To Crafting

The time has come to dust off the Sewing Machine and the Overlocker and put them to good use.

I bought these machines around three years ago and they’ve just sat in my bedroom gathering dust.

I took the sewing machine into the living room first and put it on the table, so I could give it a much deserved clean. It’s now rethreaded and seems to be working perfectly. I didn’t think I’d totally forget how to thread the lower bobbin, so I’ve had to consult the manual and learn how to do it again. So far so good. I tried sewing a sample piece of fabric with various stitches and all seems well.

Tomorrow I have a Doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, but I’ll find time to strip the Overlocker and give that a really good clean too. (Note to self – If you must vape, please make sure the machines are protected. They both had a fine coating of glycerine from my vaping).

All I have to do now is dig out some fabric from the spare room, and then decide on what I want to make. It won’t be clothes, as I don’t have fabric in for clothing, unless anyone fancies a shirt or jacket made from old curtains (The Sound of Music ring any bells here?)

Right, it’s now going on for 7:15am and I’ve not been to sleep yet.

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Bye xx